Salerno and its poet

Salerno rima d’inverno, o dolcissimo inverno. Salerno rima d’eterno” (Salerno rhyme of the winter, oh! sweetest winter. Salerno rhyme of eternity), these were the last verses written by the renowned Salernitan poet, Alfonso Gatto, about his city. Salerno is a city overflowing with history and bound to its traditions. After a few days spent walking on the sea promenade, that the Salernitani love more than anything else, you will start “feeling” the reason why despite the crazy traffic jams along its streets, people here are so fond of this Mediterranean town laying between mountains and the Thyrrenean Sea.

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Salerno’s New Features

Salerno Piazza Libertá under construction

Today Salerno is one of the most flourishing towns in southern Italy with 140,580 residents. Located between mountains and sea, this friendly community with a rich and varied culture and a joyful Mediterranean lifestyle welcomes visitors and tourists from all over the world. The city is divided into three distinct areas: the medieval sector with one of the best preserved ancient towns in Italy, the 19th century district with its distinctive buildings and alleys running along the seafront and the densely-populated post-war area in the eastern district.

In order to preserve its past for the future generations, Salerno has accepted the challenge of the new millennium: over the last few years the town has committed itself to major urban projects (like the New Waterfront) in order to  rejuvenate the social and economic functions in its area. Ancient monuments and churches have been restored, parks and gardens have been designed; roads and squares have been replenished with Mediterranean vegetation, many spaces have been reserved for artistic, cultural and recreation activities. Salerno’s contemporary features are changing its image at an amazing pace; nevertheless, as long as its old narrow streets will echo voices during summer’s lazy siesta hours Salerno will just smile at the impressive buildings rising at the feet of the old Arechis Castle on Mount Bonadies.

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