Adele’s Wine Stories


A couple of years ago I asked Nicola, owner of the most famous patisserie in Amalfi, if he could recommend a wine-growing estate on the Amalfi Coast. I knew a few very famous ones in Furore and was looking for young winemakers who would like to work with me and for my visitors coming from all over the world. I had my own wine business many years ago and knew that small wineries and wine-growing estates are very special places where you can discover wonderful wines. More important, there are winemakers with time for their visitors who enjoy talking about the secrets of wine making. Nicola introduced me to a small wine-estate in Tramonti overlooking the Amalfi Coast a hidden jam between the Lattari Mountains. Prisco and Fiorina lead their company with enthusiasm. Their wines are to me like themselves, good and honest! I will never forget the first time I visited them with the group of  students from Savannah, Georgia, when they taught us so much about wine and wine tasting in less than three hours (see picture below). I went back there several times and was never disappointed. Their idea is to produce a small quantity of high quality wines. For further information, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. Next time more about Patrizia…a newcomer of the wine business!

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