In March 2016 I first met Salvatore at the Prowein fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. He was exhibiting with other wineries from the Cilento National Park. Salvatore was born in Naples, but his family come from a pretty village in Cilento, not far from Paestum. A few years ago his decision to devote himself to the earth, Salvatore sold his vinyl record and CD store in Naples and started a new life in the Cilento with the aim to produce from a clean healthy soil red wines and olive oil. The work was very hard, but Salvatore’s idea has established itself against all possible resistance.

Its Aglianico red wine shines in the glass and our palate takes on the sunny power of this terroir along with the scents. Its dark red color is almost impenetrable, but shimmers in the sun and lets us dream in advance of cherries and liquorice, leather and hay. I would not like to reveal more here but introduce you to Salvatore next time you are in my area. We can visit the ancient cellar from 18th century and then enjoy the wine sitting in the living room with wonderful old furniture, ancestral pictures listening to Salvatores vinyl records collection!