Cathedral of Salerno, Bell Tower (mid 12th cen)

I can not help but write a post about the bell tower of St. Matthew Cathedral in Salerno. I wish all visitors who come and visit famous sites around Salerno could have a look at it. I photographed the ancient cathedral at all times of the day. Still I do not have enough pictures to satisfy my wish to show the beauty of the slender tower overlooking Salerno’s old town. It was built in Arab-Norman style, contains 8 bells and is 56 meters high. With small arcades and mullioned windows its harmonious silhouette invites to enter the splendid square porch. A place of incomparable serenity.


Salerno the sea front

Salerno rima d’inverno, o dolcissimo inverno. Salerno rima d’eterno” (Salerno rhyme of the winter, oh! sweetest winter. Salerno rhyme of eternity), these were the last verses written by the renowned Salernitan poet, Alfonso Gatto, about his city. Salerno is a city overflowing with history and bound to its traditions. After a few days spent walking on the sea promenade, that the Salernitani love more than anything else, you will start „feeling“ the reason why despite the crazy traffic jams along its streets, people here are so fond of this Mediterranean town laying between mountains and the Thyrrenean Sea.

Salerno rima d’inverno, o dolcissimo inverno. Salerno rima d’eterno” Das waren die letzten Verse von Salernos berühmten Sohn, dem Dichter Alfonso Gatto (Salerno 1909 – Orbetello 1976), der unsere Bergstadt am Meer mit Worten wie leuchtende Pinselstriche beschrieben hat. Der Duft der Meeresbrise am Strand, das Lächeln der geliebten Frauen im Morgenlicht, das sanfte Prasseln des Frühlingsregens tauchen in seinen Versen wie expressionistische Bilder auf. Sie sind eine Liebeserklärung an unsere Geburtsstadt.