When I travel I want to know how local people eat, where they purchase their groceries, try their favourite coffee shops or wine bars. When traveling you are also going to experience the importance of food in the visitng coutry. As you already know, food, dietary traditions and habits play a main role in my mediterranean homecountry. If you come to southern Italy, you will find a rich heritage of traditional local foods and methods of preparation, My network of culinary chefs, wine makers, farmers and small local producers would be glad to welcome you. Following I have posted a short selection of the past activities like cooking sessions with our culinary experts in Cilento and Salerno, wine tastings in small wineries in Tramonti, Amalfi Coast or Rutino Cilento. You will see my guests and local professionals at work during a workshop about the mediterranean vegetables or during the delicious „white fig of Cilento“ – workshop. One of our mediterranean highlights, where we fill figs with almonds, fresh spices and dip them in delicious dark chocolate. Have a look at the pictures and … book me!!!