Art historians

Valentina and Loredana in Salerno, Serena in Naples, Michael in Pompeii, Cinzia, Elisa, and Sara in Umbria are our local tour guides and travel partners. Passionate and exceptional story tellers. Listen to them and experience Italy with your eyes and your mind.


Assunta in Agropoli, Cilento – Marisa in Furore, Amalfi Coast, Mila in Salerno, Marco in Montefalco, Salvatore in Rutino, Cilento  will bring you closer to the different kind of italian grapes. Their wines travel the world.

Mediterranean Diet

Eleonora, Marius, Stefania, Antonio, Paola, Adele, Walter and Ferdinando are looking forward to explaing the mediterranean diet culinary traditions to you.

Our tour was amazing. We didn’t rush through the sites and it was really neat to hear all about the small details of Pompeii. I didn’t realize how intact the city was and though it was amazing to see inside the buildings. This was incredible and very historical

This was also a wonderful experience. I loved going to someone’s house and having a meal in his living room. I loved the entire experience of him playing his records and conversing with us. I wish that his sister was able to be there so that we could have thanked her for the food and met her. It would have been cool to try wines at different stages or different varieties to learn more about the process.

I enjoyed seeing the process of making mozzarella, seeing the cows, and tasting it afterwards.