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My homepage gives you an idea of what your next visit to Italy could be. Short text descriptions and pictures show you Italy’s genuine beauty and charming lifestyle as a first step toward your own stay in Salerno between Amalfi Coast and Cilento Natural Park. Experience and enjoy exquisite wines and amazing food tastings, engaging cooking sessions and superb culinary itineraries. Adele’s Good Company offers delightful sightseeing tours of architecture, decorative arts and crafts.

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Link zu:The Amalfi Coast Wine Tour Oct. 27 - Nov.1, 2019Link zu:The Amalfi Coast Wine Tour Oct. 27 - Nov.1, 2019

„Amazing natural landscapes and picturesque walking paths.  Archeological wealth and gems of art.  Like a sleeping giant, the mountain skyline stretches between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Amalfi Coast.

… Weathered stone walls that are graced by lovely flowers.  They border a staircase winding up the cliffs to an ancient castle floating in the sky.  Homegrown herbs are gently caressed by the warm summer sun.

… The orange and lemon blossoms as they spread their sensuous bouquet while, under their influence, mothers perform the time honored secrets of delicious traditional cooking and unique credenzas pouring from the neighboring vineyard glow ruby red in your glass.

… You have found the magic of the „Mediterranean Way of Life“

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I can arrange your stay  with a suitable itinerary and personally show you the hidden beauties that really make Italy the treasure that it is. Arts and culture? A cooking session with wine tasting? Let me know when you would like to come at least three months before,  so I can arrange an appropriate tour for you. Do you wish to visit Positano, Capri, Ischia and  Naples ? I can help!

Send your inquiry now at and you will receive an itinerary proposal.

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