Prices and reservations

Prices generally include Superior Double Room accommodations in selected **** hotels, tastings, guided tours and individual assistence during the program. Ground transportations are included for groups of at least 5 participants.  We generally work with very small groups and move in premium vehicles with professional drivers. Number of meals dipends on your itinerary. Airfare,  individual transfers by taxi, gratuities  and insurances are not included if not explicitly communicated. Published prices are subject to change without notice. Transport from/to your airport can be arranged at an extra fair charge with our drivers.

We will respond to your inquiry with a registration form  along with full details of our  conditions and references.

Best time to travel

Adele prefers to welcome her guests in low season. Weather is more agreable in winter, fall and early springtime. No traffic jams or crowds in Amalfi, Paestum or Pompeii. Convenient hotel and guided tours fares allow better travel conditions for you. Nevertheless we are happy if you prefer to come and visit in late springtime or summer. We would reshape the travel itinerary so as to avoid queues and heavy traffic in the places with the highest number of visitors.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance.  If you don’t  purchase travel insurance, you assume any financial loss associated with your travel plans. Please, contact your travel agent in your home country. Send us your inquiry and I will be glad to offer your own sigthseeing itinerary.