learning about mediterranean vegetables in Paestum



Adele has been working with international universities and schools since 2009. Her educational trips start in Salerno, Campania, Southern Italy. The itineraries are designed to provide an in-depth experience in farm-to-table cooking, sustainable agriculture, heritage Italian cooking, viticulture, enology, and of course the wealth of art and history that Italy is famous for. Students will take advantage from their contacts with key figures in the culinary world of Naples, Salerno, Amalfi, Natural Park of Cilento and experience the renowned Mediterranean food traditions of Campania. A special regard is given to Dr. Ancel Key’s work in the area where he spent 40 years of his life, the Cilento. Students will also learn about the Medical School of Salerno, where one of the first European works on ‚diets‘ and healthy living practices was compiled.

This study program about the Mediterranean Diet in Salerno is for students, scholars, their families and friends. Adele addresses to the Study Program Abroad of Universities and Study Academies worldwide.


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